Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cover Love - D'Obsidienne et de Sang by Aliette de Bodard

We hosted Aliette de Bodard's first chapters for her first novel Servant of the Underworld, on MFB some time ago.  Aliette has gone on to sell foreign rights to her novels, Servant of the Underworld and Harbringer of the Storm and it is the French cover of Servant of the Underworld that I'd like to do a shoutout for this afternoon:

The artist is Larry Rostant who has given us amongst other things the covers for Embedded by Dan Abnett, Son of Heaven by David Wingrove as well as the cover of The Desert Spear by Peter V Brett.  I love the cover of this and think it will attract exactly the right reader.  I also like the fact that the priest is left handed.  Find Aliette's website here.

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