Thursday, October 01, 2009

MFB October Monster Mash Up

Mark and I are HUGE monster fans - be they vampires, zombies, werewolves, Godzilla (or Duckzilla?), anacondas, arachnids (snarls) and all manner of other creepy things, yes, this includes bugs a la Heinlein.

So, to celebrate monster coolness in all its gory glory, we are embarking on a month long homage on the MFB blog to monsters - we've got books and movies lined up to review. I've bought the entire box set of Buffy, she of the high kicks and one-liners, and will be steadily working my way through them, and will be blogging some thoughts as a lot of these will be new to me, having missed the entire three of four first series' due to inattention to TV.

Similarly, we have a batch of left-over horror interviews from earlier this year which need to see the light of day.

I'll be asking guest bloggers to stop by to chat about favourite monsters and hopefully some authors can come out to play and talk to us about their favourite critters and scary books and movies.

It's going to be a bumper month with reviews, talks and giveaways. Get comfy and stick around!

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Ailsa said...

All sounds great!