Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Halloween Gingerbread Men Zombies

Apologies for the wrong way order, but start from the bottom up and check out the creation of our gingerbread zombie army.

Intestine trouble...

A few more with some erm..wound trouble..

Anyone for some green mucky things?

Longshot of our zombie army.

Army of glazed gingerbread men - soon to be zombiefied!

Gingerbread men getting their glaze on

Baked gingerbread men
Raw gingerbread men

Mark making the gingerbread mix.


Luisa said...

How can something so horrific look so tasty? And yet this zombie army does. Yum.

Lovely pics! Hope the eating part was fun too. :)

Ailsa said...

Lol! Those are brilliant. Lots of fun.

Christine said...

LOL! I love these Gingerbread Men Zombies! What a great idea. :)

Adele said...