Thursday, March 24, 2011

US vs UK Covers

Totally nabbed from Jenny at Wondrous, as we all know.  But some items are just too good to be passed up.  I happened across this quite by accident and thought to put it up here as a bit of fun.  But also because the US cover is so pretty.

UK Cover


US Cover
I really do like the US cover.  I am fond of the UK one out of loyalty but I like the slightly brooding Holmes on the US cover more.  Also with the Houses of Parliament in the background. 

But am horrified as I tweeted this cover, that someone pointed out that he looked like the Bieber.  I will however be brave and stand my by my (young) man and say: he suits the character very well, indeed.


serendipity_viv said...

Nooo, he doesn't look like the Bieber. I have his face thrust under my nose on a regular basis by my hormonal pre teens, so I have had a close look!

Iben said...

Hmmm, I'm not very fond of either covers I must admit. I think the text & font is better on the UK cover but the picture thing just reminds me of the eye of Sauron. The US cover.. I like the Houses of Parliament being on there, but the kid just looks awkward (and yeah, like Bieber!) I also cannot figure out what's up with his arm (the small person on there) it just looks really wrong.


prophecygirl said...

I'm with you Liz. I like the Bieber boy! (Not actual Bieber, you understand. Just this lookalike ;) )

ImageNations said...

We have different tastes then. I really don't like books that put the pictures of real life people on their backs. I expect the cover to carry the internal motive of the story, the mental state of the novel not some one or two characters with pretty faces looking up to me. I would rather go for the UK cover than the American one. Again, the pictures of real life people on the cover intrudes on my imagination. If I read a book I try to match what I am reading with the cover of the book and how do you do that if you have some famous person breathing down your neck, telling you 'hey here am I?'

weird huh!

Unknown said...

I actually like the US cover better it seems more fitting to the book :D