Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Rock 'n Roll Life of Mark and Liz at MFB

Thursday evening saw me attend a very interesting evening at Scholastic's offices - an author evening with MG Harris, Sharon Dogar, Josh Lacey and Rachel Ward. It was incredibly interesting listening to the authors chat to Damian Kelleher about their books, how they came to be published and how their stories developed from first draft to finished product.

I tried my best not to, but I completely geeked when I came face to face with MG Harris - what a truly gracious and amusing speaker she is! - and I tried to haphazzardly explain that I got to review her very first Joshua files book when it was first published. She signed my books and I went squeeing back to Steven who works for Scholastic. *titter* oh, the joys of being able to be a complete fan-girl!

Then, Saturday we took ourselves off to Forbidden Planet for the big THARG signing. I got to meet Dan Abnett for the first time, after pestering him loads of times on Facebook. And this time, it was Mark's turn to go complete fan-boy. He was in his element, chatting to James Swallow, Dan Abnett, Simon Davis, Rufus Dayglo (not to be called Roof), Al Ewing, Brett Ewins, Henry Flint, Frazer Irving (not Frazier!), Tony Lee, Simon Spurrier and the legend that is Matt Smith. I am pretty sure I may have left out someone...and that is not my intention, I swear!

And between Mark and I, we've decided that I am not allowed control of the digital camera anymore. I shake so much - everyone looks like they are moving super fast, but I have managed to salvage two relatively good pictures.

Mark (in his Sin City t-shirt) getting some of his items signed by Al Ewing with Tony Lee on the left of the picture, drawing some artwork for a fan.

James Swallow and Dab Abnett posing for the camera.

This coming Thursday Mike Carey and Kate Griffin will be signing copies of their books at Forbidden Planet. I am over the moon! What is new, right? I am sure regulars on the blog are under the impression I live my life in a state of high excitement and to be honest, they won't be wrong! I will definitely try to get some pics of that event up before we leave for our holiday on Malta this Friday. Most of the week will be spent agonising about what books to take with to read - one thick one or several smaller ones? It is a very hard life!


Luisa at Chicklish said...

It all sounds pretty amazing to me!

Mark said...

Behold my shiny head :\

It was pretty amazing- everyone was very approachable and happy to chat about whatever, or put pen to paper.

I'm really looking forward to Thursday's signing with Mike Carey!

Danacea said...

Thanks for the post and good to see you guys as ever - that was fun!

Anonymous said...

No fair ... you guys have all the fun!