Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award - Tagged

Adele from Persnickety Snark tagged me as part of the Fabulous Book Award ...uhm, awards.

So the deal is I list five things I am addicted or obsessed with...(ONLY five?)


1. Books - I adore them and will never have enough. I aim to emulate a heroine of mine, Jacqueline Wilson - I think I read somewhere that she has over a million books in her library. (Just don't tell Mark about my audacious plan, I don't think he suspects anything. I've managed to hide around twenty books under the bed!)

2. Twitter - Newly addicted. I even tweet via tweetdeck now! Find me on there, I'm LizUK.

3. Emails - gods, I love the stuff, even when they are from my consultants travelling abroad sending me messages at three in the morning, whining that they are snowed in in Montenegro and they have to dig their way out of the is a hard life! Drink more Vodka.

4. Crisps - proper dinkum chunky bags of them - I love them all, Doritos, Sensations, Wotsits, Lays, and my super favourite, Simba Chips and Flings from South Africa.

Please note, this is not what our dvd shelf looks like!

5. DVD's and movies - okay, so our dvd collection is starting to rival our book collection at home. We now have little piles of dvd's packed infront of the TV on the floor, behind the TV...we just don't have space to put another tall bookshelf...and even if we did, it would be taken up books!

So, from here, I will nominate other bloggers in the 'verse as follows:

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed this!

Thank you Liz!

I'm a Walker's Ready Salted man myself.

And good god look at all those DVDs!! That's amazing!