Wednesday, March 11, 2009

**Allison and Busby - Revamped Site**

I am in lust. With the new Allison and Busby site.

It's been updated, reworked and rejigged and it looks really good!

It looks to me (she says slowly, browsing the site, whilst typing this) like there is a bit for everyone. For the reader and book club gurus there is a bookclub tab with suggestions, for the writer, there is a Writer's Corner with links to events and competitions, as well as a blog and the all important newsletter.

It looks like I will be spending some time there, whiling my time away. It is a hard life, I swear!

As a reminder, Allison and Busby will be bringing us Rachel Caine in a few months' time - which is going to be faintingly fantastic.

Happy browsing!

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