Tuesday, March 03, 2009

PC and Kirstin Cast News

The mom and daughter writing team extraordinaire is due to release their newest novel, Hunted, over in the States in the next few days.
St Martin's Press has sent through a few interesting snippets for us fans on the bloggosphere to post online for fellow geek fans.

This the book trailer:

Then check out Chapter One of Hunted here and if you are still wanting more, check out the audio for Chapter 2.

And here's a bit of random facts which I did not know: The House of Night books have sold over 3 million copies and there is a film option too! I'm feeling a bit sick, actually - who would play Zoey?! As a new House of Night fan, I'm very excited to see both PC and Kirstin work so hard to keep this series going. There is nothing nicer than discovering a new series with loads of books ready-made to read! This is my review of Marked. Keep an eye out for a review of Betrayed coming soon.

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