Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chicken, Pig, Cow - On the Move by Ruth Ohi

This is our three friends' second adventure.

Chicken, Pig and Cow love their barn and their best friend Dog, but sometimes their barn feels a little small. One day they decide to look for a new home and after a few false starts, what a home it turns out to be. But despite all the room the dolls house has to offer, in the end the three friends end up cuddled up together in the bathtub of all places. Turns out the barn is still the best place for them

This is another wonderful book that will keep children and parents entertained with detailed pictures and wonderful text. I love the fact that Cow is a little hesitant about leaving their popsicle barn behind and ends up taking a popsicle stick with her wherever she goes.

I just wish I could sew, then I could make my very own Cow.

Both books are published by Annick Press and available from amazon.

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