Tuesday, September 15, 2009

**Invite: an evening with Dacre Stoker*

At last week's Mike "the god of word-skillz" Carey's signing at Forbidden Planet, our little group of writers and bloggers got the chance to meet the amazingly talented and handsome Tony Lee at The Angel and we fell into conversation with him. He told us many things, stories about unicorns, adoring and stalkery fans and about his own upcoming graphic novel, Harker (released in November). He also - importantly - told us about an upcoming signing at Waterstones/Hatchards at Piccadilly by a chap called Dacre Stoker, who is the many times great nephew of the one and only genius Bram Stoker, author of the original Dracula novel.

Dacre has written the official sequel to Dracula and the novel is to be launched on Monday, 23rd September.

Here is a bit of blurb I got from the publishers, Harper Collins:



Monday, 28 September 2009, 7:00PM

Tickets £3 redeemable against purchase of the book on the night

The Great Grand Nephew of Bram Stoker, will be discussing his new novel 'Dracula: The Un-Dead', the official sequel to 'Dracula' and first story to enjoy the full support of the Stoker estate since the original. Dacre was also able to access Bram Stoker's handwritten notes and has included in the story characters and plot threads from the original manuscript.

I, personally, am very chuffed with this and will definitely be going along. I am a long-standing fan of the novel, having lived with it for quite a few years during my angst-ridden gothick years as a teen.

I popped over to the HC website and found some more info on the book.

The official sequel to Bram Stoker's classic novel Dracula, written by his direct descendent and endorsed by the Stoker family.

The story begins in 1912, twenty-five years after the events described in the original novel. Dr. Jack Seward, now a disgraced morphine addict, hunts vampires across Europe with the help of a mysterious benefactor.

Meanwhile, Quincey Harker, the grown son of Jonathan and Mina, leaves law school to pursue a career in stage at London's famous Lyceum Theatre. The production of Dracula at the Lyceum, directed and produced by Bram Stoker, has recently lost its star.

Luckily, Quincey knows how to contact the famed Hungarian actor Basarab, who agrees to take the lead role. Quincey soon discovers that the play features his parents and their former friends as characters, and seems to reveal much about the terrible secrets he's always suspected them of harbouring. But, before he can confront them, Jonathan Harker is found murdered.

**drum roll**

The writers were able to access Bram Stoker's hand-written notes and have included in their story characters and plot threads that had been excised by the publisher from the original printing over a century ago. Dracula is one of the most recognized fictional characters in the world, having spawned dozens of multi-media spin-offs. The Un-Dead is the first Dracula story to enjoy the full support of the Stoker estate since the original 1931 movie starring Bela Lugosi.

I utterly love love love all of this - imagine having access to notes by one of the top writers of an era which has made such an impact on future writers and artists and film makers? I am so looking forward to attending this and reading the book. I may have to go and buy myself a new copy of Dracula as I've not read it in ages, ten years or so. Just, you know, to make sure I've not lost any of the story...

If any of you are in London for this, please do come along! It looks like it's going to be blast.


prophecygirl said...

This sounds so cool! Looking forward to hearing all about it :)

Falcata Times said...

Hey Liz,
What is interesting (and I pointed it out to HC) is that sunset that night is at 6:38pm. Perhaps Dacre might want to come clean about some stuff. LOL