Wednesday, September 30, 2009

**Competiton Winners** Hush Hush AND Troubadour

Ach, friends of MFB, we have to apologise for slipping up and not announcing the winners for the Hush Hush competition on Monday past. A bug crept into the system (read Liz was too busy writing to pay attention to her bookbabies) and the announcement is a bit late.

So without further ado - the winner of a shiny new paperback copy of Hush Hush by Becca Fitzgerald is: Alexandra G...please check your email and let us have an address!

And the winner for a hard back copy of Mary Hoffman's amazing Troubadour is: Carole C from Blackburn.

Massive congrats to the two winners and best of luck to the other entrants the next time around. More competitions soon - stick around! Also huge nod to for taking the choice of winners out of our grubby little paws.

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Ailsa said...

Well done to the winners!