Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Author of the Month

Mark and I brainstormed a new idea towards the end of 2009. We wanted to do something different on the blog to highlight a few of our favourite authors throughout the year.

Subsequently we came up with the Author of the Month event for MFB. We'll still be reviewing as many books we can each month but each month we'll be getting a bit "intimate" with a chosen author.

We're kicking off in January with one of my personal favourite authors: Marcus Sedgwick. I've not reviewed him on the blog. I know - weird, right? Well it's because his work lies a bit too close to my heart. I'm a fan. Before I'm even a reviewer. I'm a reader and a fan. Which is why I've roped in a few other fans/readers/reviewers to help me out with Marcus's Author of the Month.

In an utterly selfish way, it helps me keep perspective of his writing and it reigns me in from turning into a slavering fan-girl and using too many exclamation marks like this!!!!

There will be comps, there will be interviews and reviews with the Author of the Month. And Mark and I hope you like this new feature on the blog!


BookZone said...

Cracking idea!Can't wait to read more about the brilliant Mr S!

prophecygirl said...

Marcus Sedgwick = genius extraordinaire.

Love the new feature!

Unknown said...

Intimate eh? *waggles eyebrows* ;)

Seriously though, can't agree with your first pick though, Marcus Sedgwick, is a brilliantly talented author! I love his stuff.

Marcus Sedgwick said...

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year, first of all. I am digging this snow! Literally, since the car got stuck...

I'm delighted to be here as AOTM, and thanks for all your very kind comments.


Liz said...

@Bookzone - thanks for compliments! :-)

@prophecygirl - dudette, isn't he great?

@Darren - thanks for popping by and yes, he's incredibly talented.

@Marcus - thanks so much for popping by! Am having a blast re-reading and arranging all of these reviews and posts.