Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cover P0rn 2010

Friend of MFB, all round good guy and bloody good writer Sarwat Chadda has just sent out this gorgeous cover for his second novel: Dark Goddess, due out later this year from Penguin/Puffin here in the UK.

And people, you have to admit, this cover is simply stunning. I think uploading it in high res has retained it's quality so do go ahead and click on the image to take you to a larger version of it.

From having chatted to Sarwat about Billi's journey in Dark Goddess I deduce (she says, using her Holmes voice) that we're going to look back at Devil's Kiss and go"that was a cake-walk" compared to what Billi's going to go through in this one.

Is it wrong to want to fast forward time to speed things up so I can read books not yet published? Yeah, I thought so too!


Janicu said...

Ohh.. that is SO pretty!

Cat Clarke said...

Gorgeous cover! Red, white and black is definitely a good look.

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

I just love this gorgeous cover! I haven't read Devil's Kiss yet, but it is high on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing it with us!

It's almost funny.. I've given away a copy in a contest of mine but I haven't bought a copy for myself.

Unknown said...

That's so nice! I saw the front on Sarwat's FB but not the whole thing. Wonderful!

Jo said...

It is a really gorgeous cover! I've not read Devil's Kiss, but this cover alone makes me want to read it! Look at that castle!!

You have an award on my blog :)

Essjay said...

Oh, that's lovely - it's perfect!