Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Falcata Times E-zine

Gareth Wilson has worked himself into a lather to publish a massive edition of Falcata Times - the Monster Edition, this month.
He interviews, amongst others: LKH, Suzanne McLeod, Mike Carey, Charlaine Harris, Vicki Pettersen, CE Murphy and many more. There are hundreds of reviews jostling for space, alongside Zanzi The Barbarian's Agony Column and the new Scaredy Cat's take on some horror movies.

You can find the main Falcata Times page here along with some "back" issues or if you just want to see the current pdf, go here. But be warned, it is a bigun! Also due to some fantasy art, it might not be suitable to view at work or for younger readers. (I'm not being overly anxious here, I promise - I just don't want anyone getting in trouble).

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