Tuesday, July 22, 2008

London Film and Comic Con

Here are some of the awesome pics I got to take at the London Film and Comic Con we attended on Sunday.

And thanks to all the costumed divas and lovely creatures who allowed me to photograph them!

Weird things come out of the Tardis!

I have to be truthful when I say: I'm not sure who this chap is meant to be but his costume is so awesome, I had to stop him and take a pic. If anyone can enlighten me, I would be grateful.

Horror actor and all round nice guy, Tom Savini - no, that's not me posing with him, just a random fan.

Some amazing pieces of armour from English Armoury - they've done things for First Knight, Excalibur, Gladiator, etc.

When worlds collide - Alien drools on the the Princess from Enchanted

How hot are these girls? They were the first ones I approached and I gave them my business card so that they can check back on the site - I hope they like their pic!

The Ghosbuster boys who looked awesome and should really have charged everyone for taking their photos!

StarGate Soldier - very handsome, ay?

Zombie body parts and some books from Rebellion.


Ailsa said...

Ooh, cool!

See, this is why I want to live near a big city - I'll be able to go to stuff like this.

Alessandra said...

Cool pictures!

Rachel Green said...

Lovered the breastplate from English Armoury.

Adele said...

I think the dud in the cloak s the emporer (spelt?) from starwars?
I am always stuned by the work people put into their costumes!!

pidute said...

i went on Sunday ,i thought the best thing was the cosplay ,i was a bit disappointed in the stands ,for a comic con they was not many comics to buy !

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im one of the Ghostbusters (the blonde one you gave the card to) Great pics! Looks like you had a great time!!